I wasn’t lucky enough to be born in the Land of the Free, but I’m grateful that I came as soon as possible. I chose America and she chose me.

I grew up in desolate poverty raised by a single mom. One thing that was always clear in America: nothing stopped us from achieving success in life. It took hard work, faith, and bravery. I was raised with those values, and I’ve served this country to repay America for its generosity.

While serving quietly as a military and intelligence professional, I saw the clear lines of division being drawn. I saw dire national security concerns that arise from the balkanization of our people along arbitrary fault lines. I witnessed the talking heads that profited from this as they did the bidding of our adversaries. I felt the calling again to do something. Again, I was called to serve on a mission to keep this great nation from devolving into the same disastrous fate as the Somalia that my family and I fled.

I am answering this call to serve because the United States is too sacred and amazing to let fall to pieces. I am running for Congress to reinforce the “United” in the United States of America. To remind our adversaries they do not have the upper hand, and to restore our status in the world as a trusted and good faith leader. To ensure prosperity and equal opportunity for all Americans. And to make my district, and all Americans, feel represented in the fight for this great country.

I love this country so much, and I will fight for her like I have all my life.