I will defend America’s interests first and foremost, and hold our allies accountable for living up to their promises.

China is not our friend, period. I will engage in an America first approach as we combat their unrestricted warfare against us with every resource at our disposal. China relies on our consumers, so we must use economic sanctions to hit them where it hurts most.

We must work with our partners to hold China accountable on COVID19.

I will fight to shutdown all Confucius Institutes in the United States. These are Chinese Communist entities on our college campuses that indoctrinate our kids in support of the Chinese Communist Party.

America must deter any enemy of freedom from causing havoc on the world stage and revitalize strategic alliances to combat modern threats, especially from the likes of China, Russia, and Iran.

I will fight to fully equip our military, build the greatest force for good in the world, and ensure our troops are employed effectively, not used as a social experiment.